Living in Florida comes with the understanding that you will have to deal with hurricanes. After all, out of all the states in the US, Florida has been hit by the most hurricanes. As such, hurricane preparedness is a very important factor for any homeowner in Florida. With the threat of hurricanes being a constant, you need to make sure your home is properly prepared for them. As such, features that help with hurricanes are required for homeowners in Florida. And realistically speaking, this isn’t something you can afford to skip out on if you want to live safely. So, today we’ll be going over five must-have features to hurricane-proof your Florida home so you can feel safe even with the worst weather coming your way. 

1. Using the right roof shape and materials

The first must-have feature to hurricane proof your Florida home is making your roof the correct shape and using the right materials. When it comes to hurricane resistance, a hip roof is the best choice because its shape reduces the risk of strong winds ripping it off. A hip roof is shaped like a shallow pyramid and is much more structurally stable than gable roofs. As for surface damage caused by rain and wind, the best choice for avoiding it is an interlocked metal roof. This type of material can withstand up to 140 miles an hour of wind and doesn’t have shingles. However, even this kind of roof isn’t impervious to damage, and protecting your roof is still very important. After all, why risk your roof being damaged when you can guarantee nothing bad will happen when a hurricane hits your home? 

2. Install fiberglass doors on your home

During a hurricane, there is usually quite a bit of debris thrown around by the strong winds. Needless to say, this debris can easily damage and even break through regular doors. This then leads to debris and rain entering the home and having an open door can lead to pressure building up inside the home, eventually getting the roof ripped off. So, it makes sense that having solid doors is incredibly important for dealing with hurricanes. Fiberglass doors are very solid, which is why they’re considered the most hurricane-resistant doors. Experts from promoversmiami.com note that when moving into a new home, installing fiberglass doors should be the first remodel you do. After all, as we mentioned, having solid doors is very important in general. So, getting this out of the day as quickly as possible is a pretty good choice all in all. 

3. Include trees in your landscaping

While it may seem strange at first, including trees in your yard is one of the best ways to hurricane proof your Florida home. Certain trees, specifically those with robust root systems, are considered hurricane resistant. These types of trees will protect your home from the strong winds and debris which are present during a hurricane. They can even lessen the impact of rain on your home and are a great way to reduce soil erosion if you live near the cost. However, we should note that this also comes with the need to properly maintain these trees. Otherwise, they can be a lot more trouble than worth it in the long run. Home maintenance, in general, is very important, and it can even help with hurricanes. For example, if your gutters are properly maintained, they can more effectively deal with the rain during a hurricane. 

4. Install storm shutters and impact windows

Storm shutters are very common throughout Florida, and for a good reason. They’re a good way to protect your windows from torrential rain and strong winds, which makes them very valuable. However, storm shutters alone might not be enough to protect your windows during a hurricane. Because of this, impact windows are another popular choice with Florida homeowners. Simply put, these are windows made from impact-resistant glass, so they don’t break when hit by heavy rain, strong winds, or debris. Broken windows are the last thing you want during a hurricane, much like a broken door. The good idea is to install the doors, windows, and shutters in one remodel, and when it comes to packing for it, you should let the pros deal with it. This is the best way to make sure your items aren’t damaged when moving them into a storage unit while the remodel is ongoing. 

5. Install metal garage doors

One of the most common causes of severe structural damage during a hurricane is the garage door getting blown open. As we already mentioned with doors and windows, once the wind and rain have an entry into your home, pressure starts to build. This, in turn, leads to doors, windows, and even the roof getting ripped off as the pressure attempts to stabilize. As such, making sure your garage doors are sturdy enough to withstand a hurricane is vital. Metal garage doors are built to withstand strong winds and debris present during a hurricane. So, this is the best choice if you want to make your home safe from hurricanes. However, one crucial factor to consider when installing these features is timing. The best time to remodel is a very subjective topic, but most people seem to agree that winter is a good time to get a remodel done. 


Hurricanes are incredibly dangerous, all things considered. The strong winds, heavy rain, and debris are enough to cause severe damage to your home. As such, when living in Florida, it’s incredibly important to make sure your home is prepared for hurricanes. Otherwise, you leave yourself open to some hazardous problems, such as the roof getting ripped off your home. Needless to say, this isn’t something you can afford to ignore, so doing the necessary remodels quickly is vital.