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Before you put your home on the market, it’s a good idea to do a thorough review of your home to see it as a buyer would.5 Must-Do Home Repairs to Make Before Selling

Aside from staging your home and making basic cosmetic fixes, there may be things in the home that need to be repaired. Most buyers expect to make some changes, but certain repairs must be done because buyers want a house that they can move into immediately.  You don’t want outstanding repair work to get in the way of selling your home for the most money.

These are the most important home repairs to make before you sell your house:

1.       Plumbing Problems

If your home has a serious issue with its plumbing, the home inspector will see this and let the buyer know. One of the first things to check is if all of the drains are working properly. Make sure there aren’t any leaks with any of the fixtures, issues with the dishwasher, toilet, or bathtub or shower. If there are, have a plumber fix them.

2.       Leaky or Damaged Roof

It can be an expense to repair the roof if it needs it, but many buyers will walk away from a sale if they suspect there’s a leak which could lead to water damage.  If the roof doesn’t leak, check for missing shingles and have them replaced. Fix damaged shingles and tack down loose flashing.

3.       Repair Damaged Flooring

One of the first things buyers look at when they walk into the home is the floor. If you have vinyl flooring, check for holes and tears.  Replace worn out or damaged vinyl flooring. Fix deep scratches in hardwood flooring with steel wool, wood filler, and seal with varnish. Have carpets professionally cleaned. Old, ripped carpeting should be replaced.

4.       Electrical Problems

The electrical panel should not be overloaded. This is one of the first things a home inspector will check. Have wall switches, outlets, and light fixtures that don’t work repaired or replaced. The inspector will also want to make sure there aren’t any exposed wires, which can cause an electric shock or fire. Have a licensed electrician make any repairs or upgrades to your electrical system.

5.       Safety Issues: Broken Railings, Steps

And lastly any areas of your home that seem unsafe must be fixed. A buyer will not want to purchase a home that has serious safety hazards such as missing railings, protruding nails in the deck, or broken steps. Structural problems which pose a safety hazard should also be addressed.

By making these fixes, the home will make a better impression on buyers, who will see it’s a well-maintained home that’s ready to move into.


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