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5 Features New Home Buyers Are Looking For in 2014

This year buyers are looking for practical, functional homes that are comfortable and energy efficient. Fall 2014 is already proving to be a busy season for home buyers. Mortgage rates have remained low and a large selection of homes for sale means buyers expect more for their money.

Real estate agents say this year’s home buyers are looking for certain must-have features in homes they’re considering buying:

Walk-in Closets are one of the features home buyers are looking for

1. Walk-in Closets

No surprise here, home buyers still want plenty of closet space and consider it one of the most important features in a home. Closet space keeps clothing organized and also helps keep rooms clutter-free. In a home with smaller rooms, a walk-in closet can free up valuable space since it can store as much clothing as a large bureau or dresser.

2. GaragesHome buyers prefer garages

A garage is a must-have these days, especially here in New England. Homeowners like being able to get into their cars without having to scrape ice off the windows in the winter or having to sit on a car seat that is too hot in the summer. Having your car kept in a garage protects it from the elements and keeps its value longer. And of course a garage is the ideal place to store snow blowers, lawnmowers, tools, and recycling bins. Home buyers also like the flexibility of being able to convert garage space into a home office or exercise room if needed.

3. A Working FireplaceHome buyers like a working fireplace

There’s nothing like a fireplace to make a house feel like a home. Home buyers love the decorative appeal of a fireplace, but they like the practical side of having one as well. The winters get cold here in New England and a fireplace can be used as a supplemental heating source. An insert can be installed in regular fireplaces to make them heat even more efficiently which can cut down on home heating costs.

4.  Fenced-in YardsHome buyers are looking for a fenced in yard

These days homeowners expect backyards to be extensions of their homes. Having a yard fenced-in makes it easier to envision it as additional living space. Homeowners are investing more in their outdoor living spaces with patios, gardens, and barbeque grills. A fenced-in yard helps define the space that belongs to the house. Depending on the style, fences can add privacy, security, and even help deflect sound. And it’s a must-have for buyers with small children or dogs.

5. Hardwood FloorsHome buyers want hardwood floors

Hardwood floors continue to be a must-have for home buyers. They add warmth and beauty to rooms and are relatively easy to maintain. They make small rooms look larger and large rooms look inviting. Changing the look of a room with a hardwood floor is as easy as changing the style of the area rug. Home buyers also appreciate that hardwood floors don’t collect dust, pollen, animal dander, or allergens.

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