Living in a gated community brings a sense of security and community you may not get in traditional neighborhoods. If increased security and special amenities are something you are desiring in your new neighborhood, a home in one of these communities can be a great option for your next home.

We broke down the top five benefits of living in a gated community:


This is absolutely the number one benefit to living in a gated community and is usually the main reason people opt to buy homes located in them. Many of these communities offer controlled entry, so only residents and guests are allowed to enter the neighborhood. This provides a sense of security to many people, knowing that their neighborhood is being closely monitored at all hours. Although crime can never be fully prevented, controlled entry can greatly reduce the risk. This can come in the form of a passcode to open the gate, a gatekeeper, or other security measures to keep access to the community restricted.


Privacy is also a huge benefit to living in a gated community. Even shared facilities are restricted to community members only. With no through traffic, a gated community is an ideal situation for the utmost privacy. Many high profile individuals opt for a gated community for this reason. Whether it’s for safety or just personal preference, you can depend on having your privacy in one of these communities.

Sense of Community

Many gated communities have shared facilities and community events for you to interact with your neighbors. This social aspect to gated communities can be attractive to those looking to live in a neighborhood with more interaction and closeness with neighbors. Additionally, being familiar with who lives in your neighborhood can give you a greater sense of security and comfort.

These communities also sometimes include community pools, gyms, and other amenities for you and your neighbors to take advantage of. Many people love gated communities for these resort-style amenities that are maintained by the community staff, as they often are not found in traditional neighborhoods.

Reduced Traffic

Because it’s a restricted access community, there is no public traffic moving through the community, only residents and guests. This can be a wonderful safety benefit for families with pets or small children due to lower traffic passing through, as well as reducing noise. If you are not a fan of auto traffic around your home for any reason, a gated community can be a great solution.

Higher Property Value

Gated communities are often quite sought after, so homes in one of these communities will have higher property value. If you are looking to invest in real estate or move often and know you will be selling, this can be a great choice. Even though they are generally at a higher price point to buy, they are a great investment for the future.

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