The REALTORS® Association of Central Massachusetts held its annual Award Ceremony on April 28th, 2022. The Association recognized a number of members for their outstanding success in 2021. A total of 25 Lamacchia Realty REALTORS® were recognized, at various levels. In order to be considered, individual REALTORS® must have: $4 million volume plus a minimum of 16 units OR, 22 units with no minimum volume OR, $8 million with no minimum units. Team requirements are based upon the numbers of team members, with each person on the team requiring an additional 50% of the individual production levels.  See the entire list of REALTORS® and the level they qualified for below!

“I love seeing our REALTORS® grow year after year and crush their goals. Our central MA agents have put in a lot of hard work for their clients and have earned this recognition from the association!”
John Millen
Director of Business Development

As a full-service, value-based brokerage, the company’s mission is to guide REALTORS®, employees, and clients to their success. Lamacchia Realty fuels its rapid and continuous growth by its formula of offerings to its agents in addition to its unique selling tools for consumers, like the Offer Now Program. Lamacchia offers an array of distinctive lead products, services, and tools to its agents.  The training, systems, technology, and marketing that Lamacchia Realty offers its REALTORS® are second to none, and the word is spreading. REALTORS® have everything they need to grow their businesses at their fingertips.