We are thrilled to announce that 25 of our REALTORS® have been ranked on the 2024 RealTrends America’s Best Real Estate Professionals in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Florida. The list includes almost 27,500 U.S. real estate sales associates from every state. Real Trends states the agents listed are in the top 1.5% of more than 1.6 million licensed REALTORS® nationwide!

Individual Sale Sides Ranking (Units Sold) - Massachusetts

NameSidesState RankOffice
Eileen Doherty73#12Woburn, MA
Laurie Howe Bourgeois60#22Leominster, MA
Lynn Walsh57#23Leominster, MA
Shauna Fanning57#23Braintree, MA
Cyndi Deshaies51#37Leominster, MA
Jason Pincomb47#44Worcester, MA
Joselin Malkhasian44#53Waltham, MA

Individual Sale Sides Volume Ranking (Units Sold) - Florida

NameSidesState RankOffice
Michael Valencia46#215Fort Lauderdale, FL

Individual Sales Volume Ranking - Massachusetts

NameVolumeState RankOffice
Eileen Doherty$55,170,167#32Woburn, MA
Joselin Malkhasian$34,761,200#83Waltham, MA
Shauna Fanning$33,898,500#93Braintree, MA
Lynn Walsh$29,979,200#116Leominster, MA
Laurie.Howe.Bourgeois$26,051,249#147Leominster, MA
Robert Leahey$24,720,800#168 Waltham, MA
Mary Wood$23,855,900#183Northborough, MA
Rosalee DiScipio$23,395,600#193Beverly, MA
Darlene Umina$22,589,900#209Northborough, MA
Anthony Castellano$22,163,100#221Woburn, MA
Bea Murphy$22,072,800#225Braintree, MA
Jason Pincomb$20,590,700#263Worcester, MA
Cristina Coppola$20,071,900#276Woburn, MA
Cyndi Deshaies$19,845,900#285Leominster, MA
AJ Bruce$18,582,925#318Northborough, MA
Nicole Vermillion$18,380,500#325Braintree, MA
Paul J. Cervone$17,848,955#340Woburn, MA
Deanna Faucher$16,299,400#407Worcester, MA

Individual Sales Volume Ranking - New Hampshire

NameVolumeState RankOffice
Angela Harkins$29,820,500#12Salem, NH
Andrea Delahunty$17,142,200#48Salem, NH
Lisa Hayford$16,967,500#52Salem, NH

Individual Sales Volume Ranking - Florida

NameVolumeState RankOffice
Michael Valencia$26,062,340#392Fort Lauderdale, FL

Small Team Sales Sides Ranking (Units Sold) - Massachusetts

NameSidesState RankOffice
Balestracci Team83#6Worcester, MA

Small Team Sales Volume Ranking - Massachusetts

NameVolumeState RankOffice
Balestracci Team$37,662,144#65Worcester, MA

We love to watch our REALTORS® grow and succeed! Having 25 of our REALTORS® on this list is a proud moment for us and every one of them should be proud of this accomplishment! As a full-service, value-based brokerage, the company’s mission is to guide REALTORS®, employees, and clients to their success. Lamacchia Realty fuels its rapid and continuous growth by its formula of offerings to its agents in addition to its unique selling tools for consumers, like the Offer Now Program. Lamacchia offers an array of distinctive lead products, services, and tools to its agents.  The training, systems, technology, and marketing that Lamacchia Realty offers its REALTORS® are second to none, and the word is spreading. REALTORS® have everything they need to grow their businesses at their fingertips5