Yesterday at the company-wide virtual 2021 Kick-off event, the Top Producers were announced for 2020.  These agents are recognized due to their high performance of selling over 20 homes in one year.  These agents are invited to an annual luncheon where everyone is brought together in celebration of their extremely hard work and success.  This luncheon is typically held in February, but this year it will likely be held in August.

“I’m so proud of each and every one of our Top Producers.  To sell more than 20 homes in a year in this market with the lowest inventory ever during a pandemic is more than impressive. I applaud every agent who was able to get into this list and I look forward to helping them reach their goals again this year.  Congratulations to all these agents, I can’t wait to celebrate with you at the Top Producers Luncheon!” –Anthony Lamacchia, Owner, Lamacchia Realty

Agents who achieved this incredible milestone in 2020 include:

Ashley Bergin, Genevieve Botelho, Gerry Bourgeois, AJ Bruce, Corrie Carbone-Patricelli, Anthony Castellano, Paul J. Cervone, Sue Chesbrough, Colleen Crowley, Jean Cullinane, Matthew Czepiel, Cyndi Deshaies, Kelly Dimbat, Rosalee DiScipio, Eileen Doherty, Paul Dubuque, Lisa Durant, Shauna Fanning, Deanna Faucher,
Carl & Lisa Gamberdella, Julie Gross, Angela Harkins, Mike Harris, Lisa Hayford, Krystal Holt, Laurie Howe, Melissa Hunter, Jay Johnson, Dawn Kelley, Chrissy Laurendeau, Kip LeBaron, Elisha Lynch, Joselin Malkhasian, Marjorie McCue, Kristen Meleedy, Menajda Mezini, Ryan Mirisola, Alex Montalto, Bea Murphy, Alyssa O’Grady, Maryellen Russo, Christine Sargent, Susan Seghir, Leslie Storrs, Darlene Umina, Amy Wallick, and Michelle Wesson.

Lamacchia Realty’s mission is to guide Realtors to their success by providing industry-leading training, supportsystems, and technology to its agents so they can reach their fullest potential. The company’s growth is fueled by its formula of offerings to its agents which includes an array of unique lead productsservices, and tools. In addition, the trainings and marketing that Lamacchia Realty offers are second to none. Realtors have everything they need to grow their businesses at their fingertips. Realtors who join from other companies on average grow their business by 318% in their first year at Lamacchia Realty. To learn more about what the Realtors at Lamacchia think of the company watch this video from our “Get More with Lamacchia” video series by clicking here.