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2018 Inc. Magazine’s Best Workplaces Contest

Lamacchia Realty prides itself on its family-friendly, fast paced and fun office culture, and to ensure employee satisfaction, all twenty of the full-time staff members engaged in a third party anonymous survey about their positions at the company.

“The environment at Lamacchia Realty is so supportive and helpful with everything from personal to professional development. The managers here are always available to answer questions and provide additional help. It is a fun place to work because it is so collaborative and forward thinking. We spend our time working on solutions and pushing to make things better, not worrying about mistakes or focusing on faults, which is so refreshing. I have worked in many businesses over my 18 year career and this by far is the best place I have ever worked and I will literally not leave until retirement! -Anonymous quote, staff member of Lamacchia Realty

86.96% of employees who took the survey were considered engaged, highly favorable advocates with intentions to stay.  When surveyed, the senior leaders of the organization scored 91 as they valued the staff as the resource of the utmost importance, a key element in strong employee engagement.


The survey consisted of multiple choice, sliding scale, and open-ended questions.

When asked to describe the environment, staff members used the words fun, friendly, innovative, supportive, challenging, energetic, engaging, exciting, motivating and professional.

Below are two anonymous quotes from staff members of Lamacchia Realty:

“We are one big family. Each and every office is a fun environment and we are all together its even better. Other companies use “culture” as a word, we actually experience it! Everyday we all have the same goal to come into work and do our best; to learn, to grow and to achieve success. It is great knowing that when changes or decisions are made the questions is asked “how will this affect the company, the agents and the employees. By far the best work environment I’ve ever been apart of!”

“I love working at a place where all my coworkers are positive and hardworking, it’s really motivating. Everyone loves the company and wants to see it succeed. The management really takes notice and moves quickly to fix problems. Lamacchia Realty is a great place to work!”

“I cannot express how much I appreciate the employees of our company.  Several of them have been with us for more than 5 years and set a wonderful example for our newer hires.  They may not realize it but they motivate me! I am lucky to have such a group!” -Anthony Lamacchia, owner, Lamacchia Realty

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