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12 Most Affordable Towns in the Top 50 School Systems

canstockphoto3950263Your nest is getting too small. You have to move but you have specific goals in mind. A good school system for your kids is at the top of the list but so is affordability! Most people think that the best schools are in the most expensive towns, which is often the case.
We have found that there are some towns in Massachusetts where the public school system ratings are high in comparison to the median home prices.  So don’t despair, you can have your high-quality school “cake…and eat it too” with home prices that won’t drain your assets.  (That’ll happen when you pay for college!)
Below are 12 Massachusetts towns and cities that are ranked within the top 50 school systems in the state and have a median home price below $500,000. These are the towns that hit that “sweet spot” of getting the best schools without overextending budget!


Towns with Median Home Price Under $400,000

Median Home Price: $369,000
School Ranking: 42nd
Nestled in the southeast corner of the state near Rhode Island, Mansfield is the 80th largest community in Massachusetts while keeping a small town feel. With a highly rated school system and a median housing price of only $369,000, Mansfield has become a great place to establish roots for your growing family.
Median Home Price: $388,043
School Ranking: 46th
Similar to Mansfield but in the heart of the Merrimac Valley north of Boston, Chelmsford also has top-rated schools and country town charm, with a median home price of $388,000. A lovely town square, community gardens, and a burgeoning community arts program are just some of the features that add to the attraction of this wonderful town.
Median Home Price: $384,500
School Ranking: 35th
The sports fans know what happens in Foxborough but Patriots Nation isn’t the only draw to this community.  Located in Norfolk County and neighboring Mansfield, the schools are rated 35th in the state and the median home price is a modest $384,500. If hiking is a normal weekend pursuit then you will love the 700-acre Foxborough State Forest filled with well-maintained trails and gorgeous rock formations.

Towns with Median Home Price between $400,000 & $500,000

Median Home Price: $400,000
School Ranking: 47th 
This town was the original starting point for the Boston Marathon and is chock full of pride and community spirit.  Every September they host their annual Ashland Day, a “don’t miss” event for the residents of Ashland. With a school ranking of 47th and a median home price of $400,000 this is a great community for families who want the small town vibe.
Median Home Price: $465,000
School Ranking: 29th
The town of Stow is a quintessential New England town with a school ranking of 29th.  It is mainly rural and filled with apple orchards making it a frequent stop for fall apple pickers.  It is located between Worcester and Boston so if city life is still important it is easily accessible.  The town’s median home price of $465,000 provides golf lovers with additional budget to enjoy at the town’s many courses.
Median Home Price: $465,000
School Ranking: 41st
Stoneham is a tight knit community of both growing families and thriving businesses.  The Stone Zoo located here is a destination for class trips and animal lovers.  Stoneham is very involved with their youth and it shows because of their ranking at 41st for their school district.  The median home price of $465,000 makes it an affordable and attractive option for North Shore newlyweds.
Median Home Price: $472,000
School Ranking: 14th
The Holliston school system is the highest ranked on this list at #14 and is nationally recognized for its dedication to its students. The median home price is $472,000 making it one of the best values for families with kids in the state. If you have the opportunity and desire to buy a home in Holliston, do it!
Median Home Price: $485,000
School Ranking: 39th
One of the fastest growing commerce areas in Massachusetts, located right in the center of the 128 corridor and is ranked at #39 in the school system list. If you are an employee of a Burlington company than why not live close to your work.  At a median home price of $485,000, living close to work is easily within reach!
Median Home Price: $486,900
School Ranking: 44th
Littleton is a rural farming town and the homes reflect the character and charm of classic New England architecture.  The schools are ranked at 44th and the median home price is $486,000 so this charm is affordable and provides the education you would want for your children.
North Reading
Median Home Price: $488,500
School Ranking: 48th
History is well maintained in North Reading and the center of town is peppered with Federal-style meeting houses and historical charm.  The high school was recently renovated and with a ranking of 48th they are providing their students with a high quality education in addition to a state of the art learning environment. There are large mansions with sprawling lawns but there are also many properties with a median price of $488,500 so be sure to take a closer look at North Reading.
Median Home Price: $493,500
School Ranking: 23rd
At 23rd on the school ranking list and with a $493,500 median home price, Hamilton is the second best value on our ranking.  It is conveniently located on the northern end of 128 near Beverly and Essex and the majority of the residents in Hamilton commute to Boston for work.  With horse stables, hiking trails, and nearby beaches you will find lots to do in and around this surprisingly affordable town.
Median Home Price: $499,125
School Ranking: 43rd
This seacoast destination has a mix of full time homeowners and part time vacationers.  The median home price is $499,125 and the schools are listed at 43rd making this town one that you can raise a family and feel like you are on vacation.

SOURCES: Town info was referenced from the community profiles provided on the community profiles found here:

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