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How to Market and Price Your Home

How to Market and Price Your Home to Sell
Real estate marketing can be summed up with two words; online marketing and accurate pricing.  Both are equally important and both can make or break your chances of selling in today’s market.

Remember, all the marketing in the world cannot overcome an unrealistic price and a great price with no marketing is not enough to sell your home.  Let’s review some real estate marketing and pricing strategies that will allow you to sell your home for Top Dollar in any market!

Marketing 101

To understand marketing, you first need to understand how buyers search for property in today’s high-tech market.  Every single qualified buyer finds their homes over the Internet!  This can be through a Smartphone application as seen below, that will literally show you homes in the neighborhoods, which you are driving in, on your phone!

Buyers can search for property listings using SmartphonesOther search tools include a number of real estate sites like or  And finally, the most popular way that qualified buyers find homes is directly through the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) that they gain access to from their buyer agent.

There are countless Internet tricks that we employ for all of our sellers, so their homes sell for top dollar in today’s market.  If you hire us we will reveal them all, but here are a couple examples:

there's a way to contact qualified buyers before it goes on MLS Did you know there is a way to contact 500-1000 qualified buyers about your home, before the home goes on MLS?

You have to pay to have your home posted on some sitesDid you know that you have to pay to have your home posted on sites like

You have to pay to have your home posted on some sitesDid you know that most MLS’s allow for up to 30 pictures while most homes barely have 10?

Errors in the home listing can eliminate or alter your online placementDid you know that the slightest error in room count or zip code can eliminate or dramatically alter your online placement?

Using social media for your home can make it easier for buyers to find your homeDid you know that correctly using social media for your home can make it easier for buyers to find your home?

Obviously, the list goes on and on!! To learn more view this 1 minute video.

The Importance of Online Marketing

The dated practices of a seller’s market are null and void in the 21st century market. Anthony stresses the importance of your home having a substantial presence on the Internet. Click below for full text:

We Know The Best Way to Market Your Home

Make no mistake, a Buyer will find your home online, period! And the more sites that your home is on and the more internet exposure you receive the more likely your home will sell quickly and for top dollar.

Pricing 101

Pricing is one of the most important factors in selling a home in today’s market.  Study after study points to the fact that the longer your home is on the market the less your home is worth.  That is why pricing your home accurately right from the beginning will always allow for more activity from Buyers and higher offers.

You can list your property for any price, but only the homes that have SOLD are really worth comparing to.  Too many times we will see Sellers use properties that are currently on the market and not selling as benchmarks for pricing their home.  You also do not need to over-price to have some room for negotiating so that you get more money.  This actually allows the opposite to take place, since Buyers don’t like to look at overpriced property and will not even view the property if the price is too high.  Every day, countless homes  receive offers at full price, and some even over asking.  Of course, you may get an aggressive offer but those can even be negotiated if they are just testing the waters.  We always say, “Don’t worry about where a Buyer starts, worry about where they end up”.   Overpricing will eliminate the possibility of even getting an offer!

Setting pricing expectations needs to be done upfront, not when the home is on the market. If the pricing that a professional is recommending for your home does not make sense, than it is not the right time to sell.  Don’t just put your home on the market with an agent who tells you want you want to hear, and believe me, there are plenty of those agents out there!  If you are interviewing agents to sell your home, make sure to remind them that you want their candid opinion of what your home is worth, and remember, the market sets the pricing, not the agent! To learn more view this 2 minute video.

The Importance of Pricing

Through the intensive study of the real estate market, John shares essential information on establishing a solid foundation, by determining the asking price for the sale of your property. Click below for full text:

Why Pricing is So Important When Selling Your Home

The Lamacchia Realty team gave us realistic goals around pricing and showed us how Buyers find homes online!  We never had to be concerned if we were being told the truth.  They made us feel very comfortable and the timely sale of our home proved to us they knew what they were talking about.

-Peter and Kathi P., Stoneham, MA