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Linda Gilligan

Linda Gilligan

Linda Gilligan




Linda started out in real estate as an investor and then decided to pursue her passion in real estate sales. She has been on the MAR B.O.D., NEAR B.O.D., RCS Community Service Committee, Professional Standards Committee & Realtor of the Year Committee, and has been nominated twice for the Good Neighbor Award & also for the Distinguished Service Award.

Her Customer’s start out as clients and then become friends. Linda prides herself on being honest, hard working and follow up and follow through on every transaction so that it closes in a timely fashion.

Outside of Work I Enjoy:

“I enjoy spending time with my family & friends especially on the beach in the summer.”

My Favorite Charity:

“My favorite Charity is Woman’s Shelters”

Favorite Part of my Job:

“What I like most about my job is making people happy about the most important purchase in their life.”

Do you have any Pets?

“I don’t have any pets but, I love my daughter’s Border Collie”

My Favorite Sport:

“My favorite Sport is Football, I like many sports but, always a Boston sports fan first.”