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John and Anthony Show 3 Homes for Sale Under $375,000

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All right welcome back 8:55 this morning looking for a new house perhaps or just curious what’s out there in terms of real estate we’re talking about what’s on the market in New England and we’re joined by our friends at Lamacchia Realty John and Anthony thanks for being with us this morning.

Good morning!

This is one of my fave things to do not that I don’t love everything we do with you guys, we got three houses and one price range you kind of get to see what you get for your money in different places. All right let’s start with our first house I believe we are in Upton.

We are, this is 138 Warren Street it’s on for $389,000 or actually no, we reduced it, it’s $374,000, beautiful expanded Cape, and it’s unique because it’s 4 beds, 3 baths and you’ve got a main house and a legal in-law, so in-laws are perfect for the expanded family, for that in-law that you want some distance from, so it’s got so many nice features, it’s got a nice fire pit, an in ground pool,  it’s got a bonus room, it’s got a sunroom, it doesn’t have the island, well it has a makeshift island,

Aw!  I’m out of this one then!

But it’s still a beautifully decorated home, and old country feel to it

It does, I saw that wooden paneling that some people love, it has that old country feel.

And zero maintenance exterior: a new roof, windows, siding,

2 car garage

2 car garage with a loft above, so wonderful opportunity.

And that in-law suite.


That’s always good as well. All right let’s talk about our second house, we are headed to Medford, right?

58 Lincoln Street in Medford, it’s on for $329,000, this is a perfect first time buyer house. Great house, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom convenient location right near Mystic Valley Parkway, so you could be in Boston in minutes, big back deck, about 1500 square foot house, really nice bathroom, marble—

Look at that!

Yes, I said it right at the right time!

Yes the tub sold me!

A lot of marble, real good size bathroom, and nice house.

Yeah that one looks good, it’s single family?


Ok that’s nice.

Single family and a great location.

All right let’s talk about our third home, we’re headed to Attleboro, what do we have there?

Sure, last but not least 30 Farmer’s Lane, this is 4 beds, 2 and a half baths, newer construction, about 5 years old, it’s unique because it’s got a first floor master suite, which some love, some not,

So if you don’t like the stairs you like that maybe.

Exactly, and you’ve got 3 beds upstairs, you’ve got an open foyer, you’ve got a wonderful fireplace, hardwood floors, nice neighborhood, perfect for kids, and we just reduced that to $350,000 so that is a phenomenal deal right now.

Beautiful 2 story great room there.


Lots of room and family friendly. Beautiful house those are 3 great homes and I know before we let you go this morning you have a couple of things you want to share  

November was another good month, sales were up 20% again, last November 2011 there were 4500 homes that sold in Massachusetts right about there and this year there were 5600. So that’s up 20% again. And then I pulled another stat that we don’t usually talk about properties under agreement, meaning they accepted a contract and scheduled to close, in November there was about 5800 homes that accepted a contract, and last November there was 5000, so it seems like the trend is continuing, it’s good news.

Well we hope that’s the case, we know it’s good news for you guys, that’s for sure, John and Anthony,

One last point, about $1500 for all of those homes per month that we highlighted,

Principal and interest,

Principal and interest, rates are still in the 3s, so still a great time to buy

All right John and Anthony from Lamacchia Realty we appreciate you stopping by.


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